We are providing comprehensive civil and commercial litigation services to protect each client’s personal, financial, and business interests. The Firm’s lawyers who practice in this area have extensive experience aggressively pursuing client objectives, they represent individuals and businesses involved in all types of commercial and civil litigation, including disputes between companies involving business fraud, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, business disputes, contested disputes, and contractual disputes.

After careful investigation and analysis of the language of the contract to determine what the terms actually state, we advise our client of whether their case appears to be strong enough to move forward. If they choose to file a claim, we will aggressively represent them through the entire process, including negotiations, legal needs, damages, and trial.

Our lawyers offer a results-oriented approach to dispute resolution, focused on achieving just results through intensive discovery, arbitration, mediation, or trial. When clients are not satisfied with a trial outcome, our lawyers have the experience and perseverance to pursue an appeal in higher courts. However, The Firm is also able to provide cost-effective services to small businesses and individuals who need the services of experienced counsel.

Areas of Litigation Practice Include:

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation;
  • Criminal Litigation;
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Constitution Litigation;
  • Bankruptcy Litigation;
  • Debt Collecting;
  • Family Law Litigation;
  • Labor & Industrial Disputes Settlement
  • Immigration;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Religious;
  • Insurance Coverage;


Trials can be expensive, time consuming and extremely stressful to the parties involved. Instead of handling the case before the court, it is much recommended to accomplish outside of the court, either by negotiation or calling for conciliation, mediation and arbitration (alternate dispute resolution). As your case unfolds, we will evaluate the appropriateness of proposing an alternative means for addressing these issues, the goal is to provide client a fair, effective and efficient resolution of dispute.

For those very knotty cases, the very new techniques of legal counseling can be as effective as the sword of Damocles, a combination of psychological counseling and legal thinking. Legal counseling can help the clients process emotions, sort out agendas, prioritize and classify goals, accomplish extra-legal goals, find appropriate counsel, formulate instructions for the lawyer, negotiate, caucus, execute documents and achieve   emotional closure. Legal counseling invariably saves precious legal time, answering clients’ cost concern. In order to avoid legal   difficulties, clients are encouraged to consult with us before entering into   important legal steps or transaction. AWP will review first afterwards explain the consequences and advise    clients of any areas of concern. We are experienced in   counseling   foreign   and   Indonesian clients; especially in the area of corporate we are providing service for companies seeking to outsource the legal requirements.


Generally, it is safe to say that a prudent settlement is better than a prolonged war of attrition, no matter how successful. That’s why when appropriate, we use alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve your litigation matters quickly and efficiently, which may help to reduce the costs and delays often associated with commercial litigation.

For companies, legal proceedings can be a time-consuming exercise which causes significant disruptions to the workflow of your business. For individuals, a legal dispute can become a costly and stressful exercise which may result in emotional turmoil.

Our services in providing Alternative Dispute Resolution covers consultation, negotiation, mediation, conciliation, and arbitration.


One of the first tasks for any new business is to obtain licenses and permits and an ongoing business may make changes that require new licenses or permits. Some licenses and permits are city level, some province level, and some national. Figuring out what to apply for and how complex is.
Licenses are more general, granting permission to do something or use something. For example, a business wanting to sell liquor must get a license. While permits are usually given for safety issues, like health permits, and may require an inspection before they are granted.
Each city and town has specific permits that must be approved. Whether your business must have a permit depends on your business type and location.

Depending on client business classification, our lawyer can help the client to determine and get the business licenses and permits they need and even file the paperwork.
Examples of licenses and permit that the firm has obtained amongst other things:

  • Telecommunication and ICT (both service and/or network providers)
  • Investment (BKPM, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board)
  • Working permit and visas
  • Property (block plan, construction permit, environmental permit, community permit, IMB, SLF etc.)
  • Clinic , hospital business
  • Entertainments show (movies, concert, music etc.)
  • Amusement (karaoke, bars)
  • Franchisee for F&B,
  • Environmental permits
  • Import/Export license
  • Transport

Our Firm has Certified Legal Auditor (CLA) who is entitled to conduct a legal audit. Legal audit is a crucial response to the legal and financial uncertainties faced by organizations in the 21st century . The term legal audit may sound unfamiliar in the businesses due to the fact that the common man, as well as the average organization, is well acquainted with the term financial audit, but somehow people are not that familiar with Legal Audit.

Generally, organizations and the businesses they carry on are governed by law. Failure to comply with the specific laws governing a particular organization can attract penalties and/or legal liabilities in the form of litigation.

Legal Audit will cover the following: the examination or analysis of the intricacies of the law; the interpretation of complicated sections of the law with hidden legal implications; the continuous development of the law in dynamic sectors; the systematic compliance with provisions of the law; and the numerous legal restrictions of the law which can be used as a tool to hold an organization legally responsible for an action or omission.

Such risks cannot be easily foreseen or prevented by conducting a financial audit on an organization. Legal audit, is quite different from financial audit but encompasses financial audit by ensuring that financial audits have been conducted in addition to ensuring that a company has observed the laws and policies which are applicable to that company. Failure to comply with the specific laws governing a particular organization can attract penalties and/or legal liabilities in the form of litigation.

We have the lawyer who holds tax consultant certificates and having experience with Indonesian tax officials start from the administration, negotiation until problem-solving.

We provide effective solutions for all of your taxation and compliance needs for among other things:

  • Tax Advice;
  • Individual Tax Compliance;
  • Corporate Tax Compliance;
  • Tax Dispute Resolution: Audits, Objections, Appeals to the Tax Court, and Judicial;
  • Local Government Taxation.